Another weekend rolls around…

This week went remarkably slow for me – usually, time flies in ridiculous warp speed at work – but for some reason, this week crawled. I just felt like the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse were pulling me apart.

Everything and nothing at the same time.

I spent Friday night with Lizzy – cocktails at IndoChine Forbidden City at Clarke Quay, which is damn happening! Retro and RnB music. It’s like my worlds collide. Plus, the barkie’s cute.

We then moved on to, where else, Butter. Which was a little too packed and had this couple next to us who were practically having sex while dancing. It was gross.

This Saturday morning entailed meeting a printer downstairs to approve a colour proof (who said weekends are for yourself?) and Caitlin entertained us for the morning. Ok, so I mostly entertained myself with her Disney colouring book. She’s become so enamoured with Dolce and likes to mimic her.

 Also, thanks to Mish for ratting on the karanguni (rag-and-bone) bastards that plague our usually quiet estate.

FACT: It is illegal for them to be honking those damn horns. Mine start every weekend at 9AM and continue till 4pm.

I’ve also got my fix of US goodies – MAC make-up in my colour (because our racially biased MAC stores in Singapore have stopped bringing in darker shades due to lower popularity. Like, duh.), my Kiehl’s products (never buy them in Singapore – the jack-up is phenomenal) and Fig Newtons! Nummy treats!