5 Awesome Robert Downey Jr Movies That AREN’T Iron Man.

I know everyone loves Iron Man. He’s funny, sarcastic, seemingly impervious – basically, he’s Robert Downey Jr in a suit with sick ass commentary. I get it. I also loathe it. This is because I’ve loved Robert Downey Jr movies since I was younger, and yes, I know he was also not leading the healthiest life then. Disclaimers done (why is this world so damn obsessed with disclaimers).

Chances Are

chances are

This was one of the first RDJ movies I’ve ever seen – and I still watch it till today. RDJ plays a character who gets an aware reincarnated soul. He plays erratic comedy perfectly. Bonus points to this movie for having that awesome song at the end, “After All” by Cher and Peter Cetera. It is was the 80s. I will say that he was slightly shadowed by Cybill Shepherd and Ryan O’Neal.

Less Than Zero


Ok, I know this one was art imitating life, and RDJ playing a drug addict was a little too close to home. I’m biased about this movie though because I’m a huge Bret Easton Ellis fan and this was probably the only movie adaptation that I kinda enjoyed. If you enjoyed American Psycho the movie, you probably haven’t read the book.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


I’ve watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang so many times and I can’t recommend it enough. It is absolutely hilarious and most importantly, SMART. The chemistry between RDJ and Val Kilmer is killer – with Kilmer out-talking RDJ every time (yes, someone can out-talk RDJ).

Home For The Holidays


The best Thanksgiving movie ever, and I’m not even American. RDJ was fantastic in this, although mildly eclipsed by Anne Bancroft, but then again, it’s Anne Bancroft. It’s RDJ improvising a supporting character so well that it brings out the best from the rest of the stellar cast.

Tropic Thunder


And the winner would of course have to be RDJ’s Kirk Lazarus – an American playing an Australian playing an African American. It’s like character-ception and I have no idea how anyone can prefer Iron Man to Kirk Lazarus. He plays this to perfection and was robbed of the Oscar! Who won that year anyway! (Urgh Heath Ledger for Batman, whatevs, he should have won for Brokeback Mountain for sure)

Other honourable mentions include: Gothika (yes I like it more than Iron Man) and Only You.

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